Because of our streamlined approach to providing affordable services, we require all customers to keep a valid debit or credit card on file with our office.  

Payment Options

We offer a couple of different payment options:

If at anytime, your payments fall behind more then 14 days, your credit card on file will be used to charge the money due to us.


Option 1: We will charge your credit card on file for services on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month and follow up by sending out a statement on a monthly basis for your review. 

Option 2: Full Season Pre-Payment Discount: You can take advantage of our 2 free cuts discount by paying for 20 cuts up front when you sign up for our service (only available for full season customers).

We offer the following services in addition to our lawn mowing services. These services are based on time and material. These jobs are done separately from our mowing service therefore are they are done at a different scheduled time.

  • Spring clean-up and Fall clean-up
  • Trimming of shrubs, bushes & hedges
  • Cultivating and weeding planting beds
  • Mulch delivery and installation
  • Leaf Removal
  • Pavers, patios, retaining walls and walkways
  • Drainage Projects

Your card will be charged for labor and material used, upon completion of these services.

Credit Card Authorization

By ordering or signing up for service, you authorize Marty Mows to process all amounts, charges and/or payments due to Marty Mows to your debit/credit card and you agree to pay your debit/credit card issuer according to terms.

Declined Card Procedures

We understand that cards are lost, changed, stolen, and are sometimes declined due to low funds on a particular day. In the event your card is declined, we will attempt to contact you for updated card information. However, service will be interrupted until updated credit card information is on file.